A vasectomy is generally considered permanent, but it can be reversed, said Dr. Mark S. Hickman, a physician who specializes in reversal surgery.

It can be done and the man may be able to father children, but anyone interested in the procedure needs to know a few things, Doctor Hickman said.

The sooner a reversal is done after the original operation, the better. Dr. Hickman said.

If it's been a while since the first surgery, then I suggest a consultation is in order. Your doctor will runs some tests and perform some checks. Then, you and your doctor can decide if a reversal is worthwhile, he said.

In general, reversals done within three years of the original surgery have the highest chances of making a partner pregnant. The chance of a pregnancy 10 years after the original surgery drop sharply, he said.

As for the surgery, it's almost always outpatient. The actual procedure can take up to four hours, said Dr. Hickman, who can be reached at http://micro-vas-reversals.com/ . The patient and doctor can decide ahead of time what kind of anesthesia to use.

After surgery, there is going to be some discomfort. A few men say they don't have any pain, but that's not the usual case, he said. Most men resume their normal life the next day or two and can go back to having sex within a few weeks.

As always, there are some risks associated with any surgery. Dr. Hickman said these are very rare, but someone having the procedure needs to understand them.

Your doctor will discuss what could happen and how that can be handled, he said.

For more information visit http://micro-vas-reversals.com/ or call (830) 660-0600.

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