06, May 2016: Sydney, Australia, Monday, 2 May 2016 — Global forex broker Vantage FX is proud to announce the international launch of its 8.88% interest earning accounts, a forex trading account that earns an 8.88% p.a. interest rate on its free balance for active forex traders.

The concept was developed in response to the current global low interest rate environment led by the Federal Reserve’s record low rates, designed to kick-start economic growth. Fed Chair, Janet Yellen has repeatedly stated that economic uncertainty is contributing to the decision to keep delaying interest rate hikes this year, and markets should only expect gradual increases in the future.

Jay Wang, CEO of Vantage FX commented: “The current global financial conditions are continuing to force central bank interest rates down and in many economies such as Japan and Europe, into negative territory. Our 8.88% interest rate initiative can help neutralise this downward shift for our active traders and provide a benefit by creating a positive buffer and positive return on forex trading accounts”.

Across the forex industry, trading accounts have rarely earned interest on account balances and with the ones that do, given the current rates are at all-time lows, the benefits to traders have been negligible.

Vantage FX believes this will be a game changer for active forex traders by helping them to strengthen their trading account, as well as adding a positive buffer to the trader’s profit and loss.

“By launching our 8.88% interest rate account feature, we’re able to demonstrate our continued commitment to providing industry leading benefits and creating real value for our forex traders. While this account feature applies to all existing Vantage FX clients who opt-in, we welcome all forex traders to join and experience trading with an additional 8.88% in their favour.” noted Wang.

Vantage FX’s 8.88% p.a. interest rate is available to both existing trading accounts, as well as new accounts. Interest is calculated and paid monthly.

For further product information, please visit this page https://www.vantagefx.com/interest-promotion/ .

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Established in 2009 Vantage FX is an internationally recognised forex broker based and regulated in Australia. They’re recognised as a market leader, providing forex traders access to the global forex market through the popular MetaTrader 4 platform.

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