Vancouver, BC, Canada — Downtown Wellness Centre (DWC) ( is proud to provide patients with the finest nature, self-healing based care.

Our skills are designed to help your mind and your body work together to heal and get stronger.

Chiropractic Care — The importance of proper functioning of your bodies “hardware” cannot be overstated. The nerves, bones and muscles of your body are the foundation of your physical life. If they are not in harmony, the pain, discomfort or lack of movement can deplete your quality of life very quickly. At DWC, we will gently manipulate the muscles and bones of your body to bring your physical self into much better harmony.

Massage Therapy - Few things feel as wonderful as a good massage, but not many people understand the healing power of massage. By moving blood and energy around the body, massage can help the muscles to heal and strengthen.

Foot Orthotics — Your feet are your foundation and your most important connection to the world. We can provide you with an assessment and plan of care for the biomechanics of your body, of which your feet are the base. Whether you are on your feet at work, love to walk or a competitive athlete, foot orthotics (custom foot orthotics) at DWC will help you “stand on solid ground” and help your entire body to function better.

Acupuncture — This ancient science is the future of medicine. The energies that flow through your body are vital to your health and vitality. At DWC, we use acupuncture to keep your energy flowing. Whether it is to correct a specific disorder, help with a life concern or simply to give your body a “tune up,” acupuncture is one of the most powerful tools of total health.

Naturopathic Care — Understanding that nature is able to provide us with nearly everything we need for optimal health, a naturopathic physician uses a deep understanding of the body and the healing gifts of nature to maintain and restore health to the body. As a primary care physician, a naturopathic physician is able to replace a “traditional” MD for all of your health care needs.

Infra Red Sauna — This specially designed sauna helps to get blood flowing and your heart beating. As the blood vessels open, your body will be able to release toxins and can bring much greater health. For many of us, the constant build up of toxins can be like an anchor dragging us down. Our infra red sauna helps you body to eliminate those toxins gently and without stress, helping you to achieve even greater overall health.

Downtown Wellness Centre is Vancouver's premier location for traditional, nature based healing. We believe that helping your body heal itself through touch, gentle manipulation and natural medicinals is the most effective way to help you heal from illness, injury or the accumulated toxicities of modern life.

Please call us today at 604-687-5712 or stop by the Centre at #605-1200 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC. You can also learn more about our therapies and who we are on our website

At DWC, we wish you all the health and happiness the Universe has available to you!

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