Van Suilichem & Associates, P.C is offering employment and labor law services for the guaranteed satisfaction of clients.

The aim of the company is to increase the awareness of people to the services offered by experienced Michigan employment and labor law attorneys.

Creative solutions are designed and presented related to labor and employment issues. And as per the client’s request, he or she can be kept out of troubles and issues through the services obtained at cost-effective prices that do not cut a hole in the pocket.

Backed by experienced attorneys, they are working day in and day out helping people with their labor law and employment matters and some significant issues. Headed by Donald A. Van Suilichem and Kelly Van Suilichem, they are both ready in fulfilling their obligations to clients, handling their cases of illegal misconduct from their employees, or employers. There is no longer a need to remain silent as there is an opportunity presented to defend one self from harassment and discrimination.

With the established reputation of defenders, clients will not anymore suffer from illegal activity or wrongdoing of their employees, or employers. If they have been discriminated against their sex, disability, race and age, a simple ask of assistance will do.

In the event that the companies sued do not respond, the law attorneys from Van Suilichem & Associates, P.C. will require them to respond before the court. The resources and experience of the team assure of the best possible results in the end. Furthermore, legal remedies will have to be presented before the clients and they will get paid for any harm or damages.

It is expected that more people will entrust their employment and labor law issues to the company as the latter is ready to stand for their rights and give them protection. From visiting the site, blogs and articles related to worker’s compensation law and new exempt employees regulations are presented that can help increase their understanding.

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