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Valley Industrial tops the lists again with its industrial vacuum cleaners

London, United Kingdom, January 13th, 2011 Britain‘s favourite industrial cleaning products supplier, Valley Industrial Products (www.vipclean.co.uk) is providing top quality industrial vacuum cleaners at unbeatable prices. The recession busting equipment on sale at the moment includes a full range of top brand heavy duty vacuum cleaners, some of which can cope with multiple dirt types allowing businesses to save even more despite their cleaning needs.

A wet and dry industrial vacuum, which is capable of safely cleaning both normal dirt and dust and wet products (including sink and drain blockages) can represent a real saving for a company trying to deal with all types of daily cleaning without breaking the bank. Valley Industrial Products range of industrial vacuum cleaners includes several wet and dry models, allowing UK companies to get top quality dual purpose cleaning for not much more than the price of a single purpose cleaner. Businesses report that using the dual purpose industrial cleaners frees up storage space as well as making significant cash savings.

Valley Industrial Products has also managed to source an excellent “woodvac” (http://www.vipclean.co.uk/index.php?searchStr=woodvac&_a=viewCat&Submit=Go) an industrial vacuum cleaner specifically designed for clearing up wood dust and wood shavings in a commercial environment. This latest addition to the Valley fleet of industrial vacuum cleaners ensures that the average UK business is able to find everything it needs under that one Valley roof. The heavy duty vacuum cleaners stocked and sold by Valley are all completely guaranteed and have been designed to deliver rapid, high intensity cleaning under even the very worst conditions.

Anyone interested in the industrial vacuum cleaning options provided by Valley Industrial Products can see a full range of branded machines on the Valley website http://www.vipclean.co.uk/index.php?_a=viewCat&catId=2551. Trade discounts have been applied and every machine is priced extremely competitively. All vacuum cleaners are easy to clean and feature standard industrial filter systems.

About Valley Industrial Products

Valley Industrial Products is a UK based supplier of commercial cleaning products. They are also well known for their range of janitorial supplies, industrial cleaning supplies and industrial equipment.

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