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New Lenox, Il, 10/17/2015 ? According to Miracle Alternatives, LLC Vaccinations can be very dangerous and can also cause death. Vaccines are administered to perfectly healthy people. Virtually all other medical injections are given to people that are ill.
Vaccinations can be very risky. Everyone, especially in the United States and Canada should be aware of the risks involved.
"Please take note to the following risk factors involved before you decide to get a vaccination shot or let you children get vaccination shot's," James Matthew said.
The dangers of vaccines are real. The vaccines can cause severe illness and even cause death in some cases.
Vaccines have not been tested for toxicity and the ingredients in the toxins, such as aluminum and mercury which are know neurotoxins.
Vaccines have not been studied for adverse effects of the reactions one may have after receiving several vaccines at one time.
Vaccines are supposed to create an immunity for which they are given to prevent. However there is no proof that the vaccine will prevent the illness.
Vaccines in children are supposed to prevent an illness, virus, sickness and or disease. However children immunity system are supposed to learn how to naturally fight off sickness, illness, viruses and or diseases.
Vaccines are manufactured to contain viruses, phages (viruses that infect bacteria), and contaminants. There are no other medical products or pharmaceuticals manufactured with these unsafe components. If a any food is thought to contain any of these components the FDA normally recalls it and demands a test.

Some virus infected vaccines are known to have an effect, in this has caused virus SV-40 that causes cancer.
Other effects are are unknown. However one can ask almost anyone if they or someone they know of after getting a flu vaccination ended up getting the flu a week or two later. Furthermore, some say they or their children ended up getting the Chicken Pox after receiving the Chicken Pox vaccine.
Many people don't realize this but most children in the United State and possibly Canada have received 20 vaccinations by the age two.
Some of you may want to join the bandwagon by refusing all or as many vaccinations possible for you and your children. Then start taking a natural holistic approach by purchasing and using holistic health machines that have the ability to prevent, treat, and eradicate virtually an virus, sickness, illness and or disease, even including Cancer.
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