Matcha Tea Supplier uVernal Aims to Give Back to Consumers who Support Traditional Japanese Tea Production
Organic brands like uVernal support a wide network of traditional Matcha producers all over Japan. Producing Matcha without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is a hard process that demands a lot of labor and yields less produce than when modern methods are applied.

Matcha is produced from green tea leafs that have been ground into a fine powder. The tea trees are put under shade by covering them with cloths, which causes more chlorophyll to be produced in the leaves. Chlorophyll gives the leaves a brighter green color and gives the end product a more complex flavor. The best leafs are harvested from the top of the trees, dried and then ground into Matcha.

It is considered near impossible to produce as much Matcha with traditional methods as when a farmer uses chemicals and pesticides. Many mountain areas are already too polluted for anything organic to grow there, which has lead many farmers to modern methods that produce cheaper Matcha.

The fact that traditional Matcha production was no longer competitive had caused many farmers to turn to modern methods. To protect the traditional ways of Matcha production, organic companies like uVernal try to inform the public about the many benefits of organic products.

According to experts, producing Matcha organically puts less strain on the environment and there is no danger of residual pesticide being contained in the product.

By buying uVernal’s Matcha product, the consumers support traditional and organic farming in Japan. The continual support of the public helps farmers keep up tradition, while also creating an environment-friendly product.

The brand, uVernal, has started outlining plans on rewarding the community for their role in helping organic products to be produced without the use of chemicals. According to uVernal, these rewards and support the brand plans to offer to the community is all about showing due respect and appreciation to those people who actually make sustainable, traditional farming possible: the eco-friendly, health conscious audience that prefer natural and clean products, which don’t harm the environment.

By helping protect traditional Matcha production, the customers of uVernal aims to keep a part of human cultural heritage alive, while also protecting the planet from the many side effects of chemical fertilizer and pesticide use.

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