Accordingly to organic brand uVernal, total transparency when it comes to the production of their goods and their distribution is key to their marketing strategy. The company insists that only by gaining the trust of the customer can an organic brand be able to survive in today’s competitive economy. After all, according to uVernal, it can’t be expected that the customer simply believes in the organic nature of a product. Instead the company offers solid proof that their products are pure of any unnatural chemicals and naturally produced with traditional farming methods.

According to experts, organic products are best sold with the customer being fully aware where, when and how the product was produced. The selling point of organic products, according to the same experts, is the purity of the product from any unnatural chemicals and the benefits organic farming offers to the land. Not using chemical fertilizers and pesticides during production usually means that there will be less produce, which makes organic products hard to keep competitive.

Marketing experts agree that keeping customers informed about the production methods of organic products is key to keeping these products competitive in the current economy.

UVernal make sure that their customer knows where their purchased products come from. All necessary and relevant information is clearly displayed on the packaging of the uVernal products and the official uVernal website.

The information contains the locations the products are grown in. Only areas with zero ground, water and air pollution are deemed acceptable for organic farming. The farmers are not allowed to use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides on their crops. Only traditional farming methods are accepted so that the end product is as pure of unnatural chemicals as possible.

UVernal offers plenty of information about the quality of their products, the many health benefits they offer and how to consume them. Information about how to prepare each product for consumption is available. Finally, the website offers free consultation and help for their customers.

The company is open to answer any question concerning their product. With this open policy, uVernal hopes to win the trust and devotion of their customers and ensure that customers will return for more purchases in the future.

Brand: Uvernal

Address: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Phone: 1(800)6115698
Email: [email protected]