New Webpage for uVernal Developed to Display the Company’s Newest Products

The organic product supplier, uVernal, is developing their new website to inform the public about the quality, origin and history of its products. UVernal handles in 100% organic and natural products that offer health benefits to the human body and are of high quality.

Their newest product is the 100% organic green tea Matcha powder. Matcha has been mixed in with water and consumed mainly as a beverage in eastern Asia for over 8 centuries. The product only recently became famous in western countries and has taken the market by surprise with its significant success, according to marketing specialists.

The new website of uVernal will serve to offer vital information to customers and the wider public about the many benefits of the company’s products. The history and methods of production of the products will be explained and the scientifically proven health benefits revealed in the website’s pages.

The first product the website will inform the public about will be the green tea Matcha powder that, according to recent surveys, has become surprisingly popular in western countries.

The website describes in detail how Matcha is produced with the same traditional methods that have been applied from almost a millennium ago. With the support of uVernal, traditional Matcha farming was able to survive and remain economically competitive.

Health Benefits of Matcha are extensively explained on the new website. Experts, like Dr Oz have already made Matcha famous for the many scientifically proven benefits of ingesting Matcha tea. The main benefits focused on are: anti-aging properties, metabolism boosting properties, increase in energy and cancer combating catechins.

Matcha has been well known to offer the imbiber energy, calmness and the ability to focus better. The powder also contains a lot of antioxidants, which keep the body’s cells healthy by getting rid of free radicals. Studies have shown that consuming Matcha increases the metabolism, assisting in healthy weight loss without the side-effects of dangerous diet pills. Last, but not least, Matcha contains the catechin ECG which is known to fight off cancer to some degree.

UVernal aims to inform their customers about every aspect of their products, ensuring that the public knows exactly what they buy and how to best use it.

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