Organic Brand uVernal Expects to Increase Sales in Western Countries in the Coming Years

After the successful release of their newest product, uVernal announces the annual sales expectation for the next few years. Their recently released product, Matcha green tea powder has become widely popular, surpassing even the most optimistic expert’s predictions.

With Matcha tea as their new flagship product, uVernal expects to see significant growth in the next few years. By 2020 they expect to provide a large percent of Matcha sales worldwide.

The confidence uVernal has in its new product stems from both the quality of said product and the rising organic products market worldwide. Organic products are more sought after than ever before, marketing experts on the subject agree on. Recent surveys reveal that the public has become increasingly eco-friendly and health conscious, caring more about value for money than cheap products.

The Matcha green tea powder of uVernal is produced on organic farms in the cleanest mountain areas of Japan. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are allowed to be used on the trees that will produce uVernal’s Matcha. By opting not to use modern methods of farming, uVernal allows traditional farmers to stay true to their ancient heritage. The company also offers a clean and unadulterated product to their customers, which would be impossible to produce with modern methods.

Sales of uVernal’s Matcha are rising at impressive rates, which give the company confidence that they will reach their annual goal next year and might even surpass it.

Marketing experts claim that it is both the exotic nature of uVernal’s newest product and the endorsements it has received from respectable health professionals which will fuel this Matcha product’s continuous success.

It is the aim of uVernal to make Matcha a household staple for the health conscious audience, like green tea is today. Green tea used to be just as exotic and unknown in western countries as Matcha was a few decades back. Professionals that work in the food industry claim that Matcha might be the next green tea when it comes to popularity and sales.

High quality Matcha like uVernal’s will then top the list of customer preference, experts agree on. If sales keep climbing like they are right now, uVernal is certain that the company will surpass its current goals by far for the next 6 years.

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