UTV STARS - Stars In Your City brings Isha Sharvaniindulging in the real taste of Kerela!

~ This week on UTV STARS - Stars In Your City, take a glimpse into the life of the serene Isha Sharvani as she shares a day in her life ~



This week on Parachute Advansed Tender Coconut Hair Oil Presents Stars In Your City, Isha Sharvani will take her fans to the roads less travelled. She explores the city that she has dwelled in - the lush greens of Kerela. Having keen interest in India’s greatest art form — Dance, Isha takes us through the Natyashram, her lifestyle and much more only on UTV STARS.


While narrating the history of Natyasharamnear the Vellayanilake, Isha travels back to the day when this academy was nothing but just two palms trees and a tarpaulin, where her mother practiced. Brick by brick this ashram was built by her mother and nurtured by her over the years. While at the Natyasharam, Isha performed some of the spectacular traditional dance forms like Malkhamb, Kathak and some of the Aerial dance forms. It’s a treat to watch the mother-daughter duo perform kathak together, given that Isha’s mother is a famous classical Kathak dancer.


While, in the kitchen, gossiping and sharing few giggles, Isha and her mother reveal that they have a complete organic lifestyle, not only do they cook using the firewood, but they also have a small kitchen garden that serves them with their daily rationing of fresh veggies and fruits.


Ending her day near the serene lake of Vellayani, Isha confesses that she would never give up on dancing as she wants to share her knowledge of dance, which she inherited from her mother, onto others who are willing to learn.



Take this tranquil journey further with Isha Sharvani with Parachute AdvansedTender Coconut Hair Oil Presents STARS IN YOUR CITY on Sunday 2nd June, 2013 at 7:00pm only on UTV STARS