UTV Stars Spends a Power-Packed Day with Vivek Oberoi on ‘Breakfast to Dinner’

~Catch anexclusive look into the life of the boy-next-doorVivek Oberoi~


This week UTV Stars’ Breakfast to Dinner takes you through the day of the very talented Vivek Oberoi, where he is seen spending quality time with relaxing and following his daily regime. Being the health freak that he is; his day begins with a glass of fresh bitter gourd juice which is then followed by a visit to JuhuChowpatty for the morning jog. For a star who’s been accustomed to stardom, does not shy away from travelling in the local city transport — The BEST bus on his way back home. And after consuming his quota of fresh air, it’s time to hit the gym for a strenuous workout.

There’s nothing like a sumptuous breakfast early morning with the entire family after an exhausting workout session! With father Suresh and wife Priyanka on the breakfast table, Vivek shares some of the candid moments with them while he relaxes and enjoys his meal. All set to go out shopping for his little one — Vivaan, Vivek shows off his Jeep which he considers as his lucky charm and earned from his father as a birthday present during his college days. After all the hard work in selecting the best for Vivaan, he sets off to a local vada pav stall for a quick bite to curb his hunger. As the power-packed day is coming to an end, Vivek is prepping up for a special surprise for his better half.


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