Salt Lake City is a growing city with an ever expanding population. With that in mind, many consider buying properties for rental and resale, boosting income and local business. Tim Linford helps them make that dream come true.

“Since I was young, real estate was my passion. Living in Utah my whole life, it made sense to become a realtor,” said Tim Linford of

As a real estate investor, Timothy Linford helps those in Utah find affordable real estate for speculation and resale. To Linford, it does not matter if you are a first time buyer or a seasoned professional with several properties already.

“It all comes down to treating my customers fairly and equally. Not everyone will afford the best of the best, but everyone deserves the best of the best customer service. My parents instilled in me those strong Utah values, and I bring them to my real estate business every day,” Tim Linford said.

Tim Linford has an excellent track record with assisting Utah residents in making the best of their real estate transactions. With over 20 investors becoming millionaires, over 50 personal rental units and several other accolades under his belt, Tim Linford knows what he is doing with Utah real estate.

“Contact me; let me help you make money,” Tim Linford added.

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