Ronkonkoma NY /12-12-2016 — The advent of the digital age has seen a proliferation of con artists who have expanded their activities through employing elaborate schemes on unsuspecting online victims. While most businessmen remain vigilant, monitoring their companies’ online transactions, and implementing security measures against scammers, the latter individuals seem to adapt fast to any such preventative measures, managing to swindle even the most cautious of businessmen.

Such is the case of Mr. Adam Marrero, who managed to pull an unprecedented, intricate scam, which caused significant losses to USMMP.

The company was on the lookout for a professional cartoon artist, who would provide premium services in the field of cartoon animation. At first, USMMP representatives were under the impression that Mr. Marrero would meet the company’s expectations, providing honest and high-standard services.

USMMP soon commissioned Mr. Marrero to create a cartoon animation. Before the project’s start, it was agreed that USMMP would pay the hefty sum of $6800, in order for Mr. Marrero to commence working on the custom animation work. USMMP obliged, fulfilling the requirements set forth in both parties’ mutual agreement, and provided the $6800 to Mr. Marrero.

However, after the payment was cleared, Mr. Marrero failed to provide the finished work. Despite USMMP’s representatives’ continuous efforts to contact him, Mr. Marrero could not be reached through any means of communication. His unprofessional conduct and his brazen move to defraud the company out of the pre-paid, $6800 sum, in its entirety, warrants characterizing Mr. Marrero as nothing more than a scam artist.

Commenting on the financial and noneconomic damages inflicted to the company by Mr. Marrero’s activities, USMMP stated that “USMMP suffered significant economic losses, as a result of Mr. Marrero’s conniving ways. What’s more, many staff hours were lost during our employees’ numerous attempts to communicate with Mr. Marrero, in vain. Our decision to come forward and publicly name this individual and reveal his fraudulent activity was made after careful consideration. We are hopeful that the ordeal that USMMP endured after contracting work from Mr. Marrero will act as a deterrent, preventing any other person, company or private institution from falling prey to his tactics.”

The company is expected to take legal action against Mr. Marrero, pursuing both compensatory and punitive damages.

Rapid developments are soon to ensue. All inquiries on the subject can be forwarded to the company’s media contact.

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