Much has been made about recent turmoil in the automotive industry, and it seems like there are more questions than answers. That's why industry experts are looking to leaders like USFidelis for solutions during these uncertain times. "To me, leadership is about having the confidence to swim against the current when you know it's the right thing to do. It's having the determination and dedication needed to achieve the unachievable and that's what we are doing every day at USFidelis," said Darain Atkinson, President of USFidelis. "Through listening to our customers over the past year, we've put a lot of new ideas into action, things that this industry has never seen before. From paying claims directly to repair shops, to expanding our coverage to include rental, tow and roadside assistance fees, to providing bilingual call center experts, USFidelis is raising the standards of service for the entire industry."
Atkinson says, "We continue to develop innovated solutions designed to deliver what our customers need to manage potentially expenses vehicle repairs effectively. The real winner in all of this is our customers. The automotive industry can heap awards and accolades on us, but every time we receive a letter, e-mail or phone call from a satisfied customer, that's when we know that what we're doing is making a difference."

The USFidelis approach is certainly resonating with car owners looking for a greater level of peace of mind. USFidelis continues to welcome new customers at a record rate and the company has over 300,000 customers.
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