22, May 2015: For years, Airwheel has been catering to the smart commute needs of the modern population. Amongst numerous contented customers, one user delightfully shares his experiences for people to learn more about the advantages of using a one wheel self-balancing electric scooter for the personal transportation.

The user, requested not to disclose his name, stumbled across the Airwheel X3 online and bought it for his personal use. He loved this single wheeled electric unicycle for its adorable features and started to ride the vehicle for traveling small distances. In about two weeks’ time, he learned to ride the vehicle and gained the confidence to travel through the crowded places, such as shopping malls, stores, streets and other places.

Airwheel 11

He reveals that the self balancing unicycle is easier to ride, and one can easily control the speed and direction of the vehicle. He refutes all myths where people think that riding a unicycle is unsafe and one needs to practice a lot in order to develop the essential riding skills. “It is not difficult to ride. After mastering the riding skills, I started using it to go everywhere, whether for shopping, visiting the neighborhood or for fun riding,” he states.

According to him, he loved using Airwheel X3 while going for shopping. “Now, it’s a lot easier to shop in stores like Walmart and Target. I can comfortably push the shopping cart full with a number of goods and won’t have to carry the load. Airwheel X3 makes shopping more fun and convenient for me”, he says again.

He states that many people often stop him and asks about the one-wheel unicycle. He joyfully explains the features of the Airwheel unicycles and how it changed the way of his living. He acclaims, “It really was an excellent purchase.” People who are inspired by his story and who want to learn more about Airwheel X3 and other unicycle models of the company can visit the website http://www.airwheel.net/.

About Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) CO., LTD:

Airwheel Technology Company offers state-of-the-art means of transportation, adopting the aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm, and gyroscope system to maintain balance by leaning forward and backward. Airwheel is the greenest and lightest smart unicycle which can be easily carried into buses or subways, facilitating daily commuters.

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