Perhaps you have heard of the one way liquid disposable tote. This is a type of packaging system which enables you to reduce costs in shipping without compromising the safety of your freight. This packaging solution is designed to eliminate the costs associated with the maintenance and re-shipping of the containers.

Shipping operations imply a lot of hard work and many costs. Purchasing containers is costly; finding a good transportation company is, again, expensive; handling of the freight involves other financial resources and so on. Shipping can present serious financial challenges, especially for emerging or small companies. But there are ways in which to reduce these costs. In recent years, container manufacturers have developed a new packaging system which can greatly aid companies in lowering shipping expenses. The one way intermediate bulk disposable container is made out of corrugated and laminated cardboard, which means it can be disposed of after use. In fact, that’s exactly what producers had in mind: to offer a cheap packaging product that could be shipped one way. The idea is that traditional containers made of metal or hard plastic, while very durable, are associated with various expenses: buying them doesn’t come cheap, they must be re-shipped after each use and they must be stored somewhere safe when not used. Moreover, they need repairs and reconditioning periodically. The one way liquid disposable tote doesn’t come with any of these problems. It can be installed and disposed of easily.

You might not consider the one way intermediate bulk disposable container to be appropriate for freight transportation, especially when it comes to liquids, but this could not be further from the truth. Corrugated cardboard has a stable and strong structure, which means it copes excellently even when handled roughly. Being lighter and more flexible than metal and plastic containers, the one way liquid disposable tote is perfect for storing and transporting liquids. The totes can be used for various product applications: you can store and transport soft chemicals, resins, adhesives, beverages and food products, cosmetic products like shampoos, lotions, conditioners, cream etc. but also pharmaceuticals. Packaging manufacturers can offer you different tote models so that you can pick the appropriate solution for you freight.

The one way intermediate bulk disposable container can also improve workers’ productivity. With these containers, you can save a lot of storage space, since you’ll purchase them compact. The design of the one way liquid disposable tote allows workers to assemble it in a very short time. In one minute, the one way intermediate bulk disposable container is ready for filling. Thanks to its features, the container improves the filling process, making it much faster and easier. Besides, these containers have high capacity, which means you can fit more liquid products than in regular metal and plastic drums. The one way liquid disposable tote is an excellent packaging product that can be safely used whenever transporting non-hazardous liquids.

The one way liquid disposable tote will greatly reduce expenses in shipping. Non-hazardous liquid products can safely be stored and transported in a one way intermediate bulk disposable container.