05, February 2016: Tom is a high school student in America and normally after school he likes staying at home and playing by himself. With time goes on, his parents find that Tom becomes too shy to talk with other people. His parents try to persuade Tom to join the club or take some extracurricular activities but all in vain.

One day Tom’s father was walking in the street, he saw a group of students gathered together and rode a kind of electric unicycle. They performed various kinds of wheelie and looked very happy and enthusiastic. Tom’s father took some photos and showed to Tom after arriving home.


When Tom saw those photos, he showed great interest in this and wondered how the electric scooter kept balance with only one wheel. His father then bought Airwheel newly-developed electric unicycle F3 for Tom. With chic and elegant design, Airwheel F3 attracts Tom’s eye at first sight. Besides, its details are wonderful considered as humanized design. It has cool headlight and taillight which ensures safe night riding. Also, its anti-skidding pedal made of matting material makes the riding comfortable and secure.


Then Tom’s father asked Tom if he would like to join the group in the square of their residential buildings. Tom agreed with great happiness because he was very interested in this and would like to have a try immediately. The other riders were willing to teach Tom how to ride Airwheel one-wheel electric scooter F3 and it only took 5 minutes for Tom to master it. After turning on the switch, the scooter starts moving and could accelerate or decelerate by moving forward or backward. Its double intelligent balance chip along with double battery protection board enables the scooter travel smoothly and freely. Tom started to talk with other guys and asked them about the skill of riding the scooter such as maintenance and wheelie. Finally he happily joined the group and enjoyed riding Airwheel F3 very much.

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