USA — Calculating fractions is usually a difficult and complicated task. Beginners in math definitely find it more strenuous and time-consuming to obtain the desired results. Free Math Calculator has developed a new application called Fraction Calculator with the purpose of helping all those who tend to struggle with the concept of fractions. By using this innovative application, individuals are guaranteed to obtain all relevant numbers or figures, without any hassle or confusion.

One of the users of Free Fraction Calculator says, “Sometimes we need to work with fractions. It’s so easy to do with hand calculator but if that are long fractions it is impossible. So this tool is a solution, as it calculates fractions very quickly and responds back result by fraction.”

The Free Fraction Calculator application is available for download from the website. A CNET secured downloading option is offered through this site, and as a result, users can install this application without fearing the threat of virus or spyware. The operating system requirements include Windows XP, Windows 7/8 and Windows Vista. The featured specifications include version 1.0 and file size 346.49 k.

The website says, “If you have a hard time dealing with computers, this free fraction calculator has been built with you in mind. Rather than worrying about complicated software, add a few numbers and get the result immediately.”

Prospective customers can download the Free Fraction Calculator after viewing the comments and suggestions posted by various users. Full specifications, features and other details are also listed on the website, with the aim of assisting new users.

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