It is bold, it is bright and it is brilliant. Bold eyeshadow is the latest trend in makeup and it is not only runway models and celebrities who are enjoying this vibrant new look. Women everywhere are breaking out of old routines and using bold colors in cosmetics to express themselves in a new way. Although it may seem a bit intimidating for some people, especially at first glance, after all is said and done though, it is hardly permanent. So why not experiment a bit? Take a walk on the fun side of fashion. Find out what makes your eyes glow and your personality shine.


While bold eyeshadow may be new and revolutionary, it has deep seated roots. There was a trend in the 80’s that involved neon eyeshadows. Going further back in time, blue eyeshadow made its entrance into the world of makeup trends in the 1950’s and has maintained a steady following. If you want to go back even further, kohl has been used since the Bronze Age to darken the edges of a woman’s eyelids. So the use of cosmetics for highlighting eyes is not a new concept. However, it is now brighter, bigger and bolder than it has ever been in history.


For women with brown eyes who want to use bold eyeshadow, think “fall”. Gold, brown and orange are all colors that will compliment your eyes. Champagne is a nice neutral shade that goes well with whatever you combine it with. Pink, mauve and plum colors are excellent for making your eyes stand out. Green is a very versatile color that can create different effects. Earthy greens will give your eyeshadow a subdued effect, while a bright, neon green will give your eyes a more playful look. Blue contrasts brown with dramatic effects. Aquamarines and neon blues are especially vibrant shades in cosmetics. 


Shades of blue, turquoise or lavender will bring out the color of your blue eyes. You can use bold eyeshadow to create a smoky look with grey or charcoal. Cosmetics with shimmering earth tones like bronze, gold and burnt orange are more complimentary because they give a more subtle look. If you would prefer a more daring appearance that will make your eyes stand out, then you must opt for more vibrant colors belonging to the red and purple spectrum. Plum, burgundy, pink, lilac and royal purple are some of the examples that will enhance your beautiful baby blue eyes.


When selecting bold eyeshadow for green or hazel eyes, there are many choices. As you might suspect, greens and yellows will compliment your eye color. Soft natural colors like pink, peach and apricot will give your eyes a soft romantic tone and these can be livened up by using bronze, khaki or mauve. A smoky effect can be produced by blending a dark forest green with a charcoal grey, copper or bronze. When you need to go bold and make your eyes shine, the best colors to use are the brightest ones that cosmetics offer like yellow, bright orange and blue greens.


We have all heard the saying - Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Using bold eyeshadow now gives your soul expression. It gives your personality a voice and provides your heart with wings to fly on. Your eyes are the first thing people notice about you, so why not make use of appropriate cosmetics to help them stand out? Using eyeshadow in bold colors simply does not allow you to hide in the shadows or fade into background. It is not just a makeup, it is life. So you can shout it from the rooftops and dance in the streets and claim - I am here. I am fun. I am vibrant and I am alive.

While computers and gadgets have become smaller in this era, everything else has become bigger, brighter and bolder to the point that today wearing bold eyeshadow is no longer frowned upon. One of the best ways to enhance your appearance entails using appropriate cosmetics and in today's era it usually translates into applying bold and bright colors.