The insides of fire appliances like ovens and boilers are so hot that one cannot dare to even venture close to them. Human body simply cannot withstand such high temperatures. But without these appliances we will all freeze to death. Can you think of being within your home in December without the fireplace burning? We all talk about central heating but somewhere in the background there is a boiler that produces the heat. Imagine the amount of heat the boiler needs to produce to ensure that every family in an entire apartment is nice and warm. Without proper inside lining such a boiler will break down in no time. And this is precisely why fire bricks or vermiculite board is used for lining the walls of such heating appliances.


Fire bricks or refractory bricks are specialized bricks with ceramic properties. These bricks not only handle high temperatures better but also have excellent insulating properties. The ability to handle intensely high temperatures makes these bricks the perfect choice for making the inner walls of fireplaces and ovens and other heating appliances. The fact that they have great insulating qualities allows them to create more intense heat and this in turn helps you save energy and money.


Fire bricks also have another important benefit — they are available in different colours. This means that they can make even the inside of fireplaces look great. And these bricks can also be seen on the outside walls and you can use the right colours bricks to ensure that the look of your fireplace is consistent with the rest of your living room.


Vermiculite board can be used as an alternative to refractory bricks. These boards are readily used for both indoor and covered appliances. Vermiculite is silicate based and occurs naturally. Its greatest property is that it can exfoliate when introduced to high temperatures. To make these boards the vermiculite is first heated to exfoliate. Once the exfoliation is complete it is then sawed or drilled to prepare the boards. These boards are then used to line the inner walls of fire appliances. These boards also have excellent insulating properties that help create more heat.


A vermiculite board can be bought online and then cut into proper sizes. Once the right sized boards are ready they can then be glued to the walls of fire appliances using fire cement. Fire cement is also a special type of cement with excellent adhesive properties. It can also handle very high temperatures. And while you are using the board and the cement you can also use heatproof mortar or screed to further fortify the entire structure of the heating appliance.


Fire bricks or vermiculite board are essential both for commercial as well as domestic use. Their longevity ensures that your fire appliance keeps working as they should. More heat will be produced with the consumption of less energy. And of course, with less of maintenance needed you will also save money. Whichever way you look using these items only makes sense.

Either of fire bricks and vermiculite board can keep your heating appliances in tip-top condition.