Many business owners are asking the same thing as you: ‘How can I cut down transportation costs for my liquid cargo’? The answer is simple: by using the right packaging. Packaging costs can be high if you use traditional metal or plastic drums, because these must be shipped back after use and stored somewhere safely. A disposable liquid bulk container or a disposable intermediate bulk container will help you save money on shipping.

Packaging plays an important role in keeping our products safe and making our work more efficient. Companies which commercialize and sell products must find efficient packaging solutions that can keep products safe while making shipment operations more efficient. With traditional containers, made out of metal and plastic, products are pretty safe, but the problem is that these containers are expensive, they’re difficult to handle and they have to be shipped back and stored in a special places, which can bring financial difficulties. In time, technology advances have made it possible to develop a new type of packaging, made out of heavy corrugated and laminated cardboard. A disposable liquid bulk container or a disposable intermediate bulk container can efficiently store non-hazardous liquids and other products, while offering important advantages over traditional drums. First of all, the material used to make these recipients makes them lighter than metal and plastic drums, which means that they can be handled with more ease. The second highly important aspect is that these totes are disposable. Therefore, you won’t need to spend money returning or storing them. How does that sound to you?

It’s clear that finding the right packaging is essential for business. Liquid containment and transportation can present many challenges. Spills and splashes are common risks when shipping liquid in metal or plastic recipients. However, with the disposable liquid bulk container things are different. The disposable liquid bulk container offers a tight seal and can be used for all kinds of non-hazardous liquids or lighter chemicals. The filling process is smooth and fast with this type of container; it only takes 1 minute for a worker to prepare a unit for filling. Depending on what type of liquid liner you choose for your containers, you can use these units for various types of product applications. Have we convinced you of the necessity of using heavy corrugated and laminated cardboard in packaging?

Here are a few more things you should consider: using a disposable intermediate bulk container will avoid contamination. This is a green solution for your packaging needs. Financial advantages are also quite impressive: you can just throw away the disposable intermediate bulk container if you don’t want to re-ship it; storage needs are also gone if you choose a disposable bulk container; there are no more costs with reconditioning the units. Disposable totes are an excellent solution when you want to keep storage and shipment costs low or eliminate them completely. Online you can find manufacturers offering a wide range of disposable containers for all types of applications. Use this solution to smooth shipping processes within your company.

Transport liquids safely using this disposable liquid bulk container. A disposable intermediate bulk container will help you reduce operational costs within your company.