Brandon, MB — February 2, 2016 aims to help accountants and businesses that have been forced to make the switch to QuickBooks and lesser plans following price increase on Sage 50 Quantum.

Following its updated subscription model in 2014, Sage, which is known for its popular account management software, recently increased their price on the Sage 50 Quantum. The move is leaving many accountants with no choice but to downgrade to Premium and Pro editions. The company is saying it’s part of a new business model—unfortunately when users are upgrading to Sage 50 Accounting 2014 from earlier versions of the product.

“Sage now requires users to have a Sage Business Care Gold or Platinum subscription in order to create and report on payroll checks in your Sage 50 Accounting solution,” explains John Rocha, CIO of Rocha goes onto say, “It’s leaving a lot of users angry and as a result, they are switching to a competing product such as Quickbooks or a less powerful version of the Sage software.”

In an effort to help support users looking to downgrade quickly and effectively, is offering a conversion service to support the expensive Sage 50 Quantum product to Sage 50 Premium or Sage 50 Pro Edition. The service helps customers save on the product’s renewal fees as well. The service itself helps make the transition much easier and streamlined for users to help elevate Sage's recent restructuring of product pricing. To learn more about the Sage 50 Quantum conversion services visit:
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