American newspaper the Tallahassee Democrat — based on the city of the same name, in the state of Florida — has recently published a website piece offering advice about when and how to book Italian river cruises, or European river cruises in general.

The growing popularity of this niche sector of the holiday market has, according to the piece in question, caused demand for Italian river cruises – as well as those in other European destinations — to soar. As such, readers of the Florida newspaper who are still wondering whether to get tickets for a cruise this year are advised to forget it, as most companies have closed their ticket sales for the year.

The Democrat’s travel feature writer therefore suggests that American travellers wishing to take part in Italian river cruises book their tickets well in advance. The best time to do so, according to the author, is during what most companies refer to as ‘shoulder seasons’. These consist of the months immediately before and after the peak season (the ‘shoulders’), and opportunities to grab a bargain deal on a European river cruise often open up during this time of year. April, May and September are therefore considered by the author — as well as experts quoted by the piece — to be the ideal times in which to book tickets, as they offer the perfect blend of availability, affordability and conditions conducive to a boating holiday.

For American tourists in particular, passports are also a factor to bear in mind when taking holidays abroad, as they can take up to six weeks to arrange. The need to make provisions well in advance is only one more argument in favour of Americans booking their holidays early.

Figures provided by the article in question reveal that roughly 77 percent of all Americans book their holidays in the three-month stretch between June and September. Families, in particular, tend to go for this time of year when booking their holidays, as it coincides with the school summer holidays, the piece concludes.

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