(Free Press Release) International Real Estate Listings.com commences exclusive Uruguay real estate website to offer sale and rentals listings to local and world markets. Uruguay real estate stakeholders are fast becoming members to benefit from the website‘s special offers.

Montevideo, Uruguayondur: August 23, 2010 -- International Real Estate Listings.com realized that the Uruguay real estate market has been lacking in getting the right exposure it deserved both in local and international levels. Hence, the new Uruguay real estate website has been launched with all the salient features that mark the websites of other countries created by International Real Estate Listings.com. This website focusing on the untapped Uruguay real estate listings with multiple property postings free of cost for 6 months has been a huge success. The property owners, real estate agents, and property developers of Uruguay are creating their individual accounts to effectively profit from their Uruguay real estate for sale and Uruguay rentals in the national and global real estate markets.

The Oriental Republic of Uruguay is situated in the southeastern area of the South American continent. The official language is Spanish, though English is becoming the business language of late. The capital city is Montevideo and nearly 44% of the population of Uruguay lives in the capital. The land area of Uruguay is about 176,000 sq. km., making it the second smallest country after Suriname in South America. In spite of its small size, Uruguay is among the most developed nations in South America. Agriculture is the base of Uruguay‘s economic growth, contributing around 11% to the GDP. The tourism industry is famous for its Estancia tourism, highlighting the historic Estancias, gaucho culture, and other natural resources of Uruguay. Due to the predominance of agriculture, the real estate of Uruguay has not performed too well, with property prices remaining low and Uruguay real estate for sale or Uruguay rentals not getting the required prominence. This furnishes great opportunities for international real estate investors to benefit from the untapped potential of Uruguay real estate listings.

Mr. Taylor White, the professional real estate expert and creator of http://www.InternationalRealEstateListings.com has been instrumental in the creation of Uruguay-specific real estate website. His chief aim had been to help people of different countries to transact real estate properties by transcending the usual barriers of language, culture, local laws, and international funds transfer difficulties. His long experience in international real estate industry has helped him to succeed in his new venture in Uruguay real estate market. When we discussed with him about his present endeavor, he highlighted the main factors that will be specifically benefiting the Uruguay property owners.

1. Property owners, developers, and agents in Uruguay can open their individual real estate accounts within 30 seconds without the need to furnish any personal details or information like credit card particulars, etc., offering full protection to account holders.

2. On opening the account, the lister can display as many number of properties as desired with exhaustive details, multiple photos, and a video for each property. These postings will be exhibited on the Basic Listings section of the website free of cost for 6 months.

3. The Uruguay real estate listings can be sent to local and international investors through the unique Free Property Alert during the 6-month period.

4. The list of recipients can be expanded to global level through the Free Weekly Hot Sheet that is received by all the opt-in subscribers of International Real Estate Listings.com in all the countries.

5. The lister can comply with certain conditions and upgrade the Basic Listings to Featured Properties, Premium Properties, and Exclusive Properties.

6. The lister can use the unique designer customer-specific flyer for posting the property listings in the Uruguay Craigs List. This is a feature that has not been offered by anybody else for the development of Uruguay real estate industry.

7. The Basic Listings also automatically place the properties of the lister in the Facebook and Twitter pages of International Real Estate Listings.com.

8. Additionally, the listings are also submitted to more than 2 dozen social bookmarking sites like Yahoo Real Estate, Oodle, Zillow, Backpage, Vast, etc.

9. To top all the above special features, the lister is able to avail the international emailer option that intimates all the members of International Real Estate Listings.com spanning all the major nations in the world. This helps the Uruguay property holders, developers, and agents to interact with local and international investors for sale, exchange, and rent of Uruguay properties, apart from acquiring lucrative real estate offers in other countries.

About The Company:
International Real Estate Listings.com was developed by Mr. White after his long experience in international property markets. He understood the difficulties faced by property owners, developers, agents, and international investors in interacting outside their borders. The obvious limitations of language, culture, laws, and cross-border financial transactions were overcome by him through the creation of a master website and several country-specific websites. The accounts holders of all these websites obtain a FREE 20-page report that educates them comprehensively on the intricacies of property sale, exchange, and renting in their country of domicile and other countries. Moreover, they also personally read the success stories of other clients of http://www.internationalrealestatelistings.com/list_property to benefit from their experience and maximize the profits of their real estate dealings.

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