CHEYENNE, WY — URLjet, the leader in performance forum hosting , announced earlier this week that they have teamed up with vBResults to launch two spamfighting plugins to help combat forum spam. The “SpamBot Hammer” is a sophisticated forum plugin that allows forum owners to automatically combat forum spam by blocking registrations that occur too quickly. Forum moderators are able to configure the plugin to show a standard error message or redirect spam registrants to a specific url. The plugin has been recognized by vBulletin and awarded “Mod of the Month”.

Spam has increased sixfold in the last few years. This increase in spam is a burden for website owners, but for discussion board owners it is an even bigger problem. Link building, a term used in search engine optimization, is the most common motivation behind widespread forum spam. Forums are widely targeted by automated tools that are designed to create accounts and spam online message boards with links in an effort to build search rankings of a target website.

“It is humanly impossible to fill out a standard vBulletin registration in less than 15 seconds,” says URLjet owner Greg Middlesworth. “Spam is a huge problem for board owners. Moderating a forum requires a lot of work, and dealing with spam can take up considerable time. It also causes performance issues and uses up disk space when left unchecked.”

The SpamBot Hammer helps save time on board moderation and significantly eliminates bot account creation and forum spam. The plugin is available in both free and premium models. customers are able to receive the premium plugin for free, as well as, receive a 2 for 1 special on all other premium plugins from vBResults.

Information on the SpamBot Hammer can be found here or on the URLjet fan page:

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