Author Richard Henegan debuts in literary fiction with a riveting suspense thriller.

Olympia, WA (Release Date) A typical rebellious teen, when Annatha Wolcott unexpectedly becomes pregnant, she reaches the same conclusion that many other young women in her situation would: she decides to terminate the pregnancy; however, when she meets Wendy Malloy, a nurse who appears to be sympathetic to her situation, little does she know that Wendy actually plans to kidnap her and hold her and her unborn baby
hostage - all as part of her own twisted agenda. When FBI agent Rachel Ward is
assigned Annatha‘s case, she works fervently to retrieve the missing girl - but an
unforeseen pregnancy complication suddenly exacerbates the situation, turning
Rachel‘s pursuit into a race against time to preserve Annatha‘s life - and her
unborn baby‘s future...

“Gestation is a harrowing and haunting tale, brilliantly conceived and flawlessly executed—it has ´best-seller‘ written all over it!”

“Kudos to Henegan for penning such an equally entertaining and enlightening read. A recommended literary treat.” Apex Reviews

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About the Author
Richard N. Henegan Jr was born in Vicksburg, MS in 1952. He grew up in Ft. Worth, TX. After completing his residency in Obstetrics & Gynecology at Parkland Memorial in Dallas, he has spent the last 28 years in private practice, most recently in Olympia, WA since 1993. His desire to write and publish fiction novels had to wait until he was afforded time to do so. The author has pursued many hobbies in his life that include acquiring a private pilot‘s license, scuba diving, fly fishing, alpine, cross country skiing, and camping. He has two grown daughters who reside in Texas and currently lives on a six-acre mini-ranch with his wife, stepdaughters, and a host of animals.