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University of Strathclyde and Associates: Publications: Scottish Chambers' Business Survey
The quarterly survey, produced in conjunction with the Scottish Chambers of Commerce, provides aggregated information by area and by sector on the general business and labour market situation of some 3,000 Scottish firms. The survey currently covers Scottish manufacturing, construction, wholesale, retail and tourism. A further report based on a quarterly survey of the Scottish oil and gas related sector, and conducted in collaboration with the Institute, is published by Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce.

University of Strathclyde and Associates: Publications: Customised Research
The Institute has completed a wide range of customised reports for public and private sector organisations within Scotland and beyond. Using a range of economic analysis tools these reports have ranged from reports on the impact of the Foot and Mouth outbreak on Scotland's economy, an impact study of Jersey's economy upon its environment and the impact of the arts and cultural sector in Scotland.

In addition, Institute staff have acted as advisers to both Westminster and Holyrood committees, public bodies and foreign governments.

University of Strathclyde and Associates: Publications: Raising the Return
The Institute, jointly with the Scottish Council Foundation, has released 'Raising the Return: Scotland's Public Assets'. The report, by economic consultant and Institute Associate Jo Armstrong consists of four short papers and examines the evidence on how effective Scotland's public sector has been in deploying the record-levels of funding it has received. A full press release is available from the media section of the website. Copies of the report, priced fifteen pounds, can be obtained from the Scottish Council Foundation.

University of Strathclyde and Associates: Publications: Major new addition to thinking on Scotland's future
New Wealth for Old Nations provides a guide to policy priorities in small or regional economies. It will be of interest to policymakers, students, and scholars seeking avenues to improved growth, greater opportunity, and better governance. Some of the world's leading economists combine their research insights with a discussion of the practicalities of implementing structural reforms. Scotland is the ideal case study: the recent devolution of government in the United Kingdom offers a natural experiment in political economy, one whose lessons apply to almost any small, advanced economy.

One fundamental conclusion is that policy can make a big difference to long-term prosperity in small economies open to flows of knowledge, investment, and migrants. Indeed the difficulty in introducing growth-oriented policies lies more in the politics of implementing change than in the theoretical diagnosis. Public sector governance is consequently a key issue in creating a pro-growth consensus. And faster growth must be seen to improve opportunities for the population as a whole. Further, setting out the evidence - as this book does for Scotland - is vital to overcoming entrenched institutional barriers to policy reform. The first chapter is by Jo Armstrong, John McLaren, and the editors; and the subsequent chapters are by Paul Krugman, William Baumol, Edward Glaeser, Paul Hallwood and Ronald MacDonald, James Heckman and Dimitriy Masterov, Heather Joshi and Robert Wright, Nicholas Crafts, and John Bradley.

Diane Coyle is a consultant and member of the United Kingdom's Competition Commission and a Visiting Professor at the University of Manchester's Institute of Political and Economic Governance. Wendy Alexander is a Member of the Scottish Parliament and former Scottish Minister for Enterprise, Transport, and Lifelong Learning. Brian Ashcroft is Professor of Economics and Policy Director of the Fraser of Allander Institute for Research on the Scottish Economy at the University of Strathclyde.

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