Orlando, Florida 06, May 2016: Ready Made, a startup company in the University of CentralFlorida's Incubator program, has developed a ready to serve baby bottle. With the partnership of severallocal companies and the resources of the UCF Incubator, Ready Made was able to establish amanufacturing partnership and has produced the initial samples of their ready to serve bottles. Soon, theywill be filling these bottles with liquid infant formula that does not require refrigeration and will stay freshand bacteria free for 12 months.


Ready Made founder, Chairman and Chief Engineer, Dr. Corwin Littell developed the bottle with the visionof helping children in humanitarian and disaster relief as well as providing parents with a convenient bottleon the go. With a specially developed valve technology incorporated into the capping system, the ReadyMade bottle requires no handling of the parts that go into a baby's mouth, and by doing so, eliminates therisk of bacteria cross contamination; something that can be very beneficial in hospitals and during disaster relief efforts. Starting next week, Ready Made will be sending these samples out to industry contactsdomestically and to the rapidly growing Asian market and hopes to have them on the shelf and available for humanitarian use within the next 12 months.

Ready Made is an Orlando Florida startup company that has developed and patented the ready to serve baby bottle. To learn more about Ready Made, visit their website at www.readymadeinc.com.

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