New Delhi, January 06, 2010: Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading developers of software solutions across industry verticals and globally reputed providers of data care, data recovery, anti-virus and Internet security products, services, and training today announced the launch and availability of BitDefenderâ„¢ Internet Security 2010 and BitDefenderâ„¢ Antivirus 2010.

According to Mr. Alok Gupta, Managing Director, Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd., “BitDefender Internet Security 2010 and BitDefender Antivirus 2010 are products which surpass customers‘ expectations with the advent of optimized scanning and active virus control functionalities. These products would usher in a new beginning in the field of security products market in India. Indian user requirements are unique and we are delighted that BitDefender has taken a cognizance of this fact and launched a tailor-made edition for the Indian market through us.”

BitDefender Internet Security 2010 keeps your Internet-connected family safe, without slowing down their PCs. It locks out viruses, hackers & spam, while providing parental control and firewall protection. The new edition provides enhanced protection as many of today's stealth viruses are designed to avoid antivirus detection by initially laying dormant only to attack your PC when it is most vulnerable. BitDefender 2010 features a cutting-edge security system, Active Virus Control, which constantly monitors all of the processes on your PC, 24/7, blocking any malicious behavior before it can cause any damage.

Besides, the abundance of new viruses calls for faster ways to detect them. BitDefender's optimized scanning avoids the scanning of files that are known to be safe. As a result, BitDefender 2010 scans your PC in half the time needed by previous versions, while using fewer resources. What‘s more it is easy to use as well. Whether you're a security expert or a novice, with the new BitDefender User Profiles one can easily manage PC's security. The product interface adapts to the chosen profile and provides quick access to the main security functionalities one is most likely to need (Parental Controls for parents or Gamer Mode for gamers). BitDefender 2010 also features three dashboard views Novice, Intermediate, and Expert - to better accommodate users with different levels of PC knowledge.

Even the parental control is better than earlier versions. The Parental Control module features a newly added reporting system allowing parents to view what websites their children visit. Moreover, parents can set specific time intervals in which their children are allowed to access the Internet or use certain applications. Not to forget the new improved intrusion detection. BitDefender detects and blocks attempts to change critical system files or registry entries on your PC and warns you about attacks performed by code injection (DLL injection).

BitDefender Antivirus 2010 provides advanced proactive protection against viruses, spyware, phishing attacks and identity theft, without slowing down your PC.

Other features of importance that BitDefender Internet Security 2010 and BitDefender Antivirus 2010 have include the following:
• Protects against viruses and other malware using industry-leading technology
• Scans all Web, e-mail and instant messaging traffic in real-time
• Provides an unmatched detection rate of new threats based on two different proactive technologies
• Blocks spyware programs that track your online activities
• Blocks web pages that attempt to steal your credit card data
• Prevents personal information from leaking via e-mail, Web or instant messaging
• Instant Messaging Encryption keeps your conversations private on Yahoo! and MSN Messenger
• Reduces the system load and avoids requesting user interaction during game play
• Optimized scanning technology skips safe files for better scan speed and lower system load
• Laptop Mode prolongs battery life
“With the optimized scanning, active virus control, our first-ever user profile and other enhancements included in BitDefender 2010, we‘re able to offer consumers security solutions with superior protection and increased speed to keep up with the rapidly growing rate of viruses and other e-threats,” said Vince Hwang, BitDefender Global Director, Product Management.
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