Savdhan India- Crime alert
Unique offering from Star Utsav taking responsibities to savdhan viewers against crimes
There is no proper definition of crime. Although few incidences like theft, burglary, murder, kidnapping, black mailing etc are considered main reasons of crime, but with increasing criminal minds , more sorts of crimes are being seen these days. Savdhan India, a TV show has been bringing such incidences for its viewers to make them savdhan about such crimes.
During present time where head of a family does not get enough time for his family, it is but natural that other family members will feel loneliness. In the coming show, you will find a real life story where a housewife boldly faces an astrologer who with his bad intention, manages her divorce from her husband and later marries with her. Now he has been taking money from her, regularly. Things become critical when astrologer uses abusive language for her daughter. But then something happens that changes the entire scenario.
A con man first with his sweet talks, traps girls and then kills them. In his next step, he, after assuring them of marriage, lures them to steal their jewellery. He executes his ultimate plan by giving poison to those girls whose dead bodiesarealways found in the public toilet of some bus stand. In the lure of having different woman & her money, he keeps repeating the same crime till the time he falls into his own trap.
How an innocent girl is first kidnapped and thereafter killed by goons at the persuasion of her own relatives will make you stunned. The episode reveals conspiracy filled with jealousy of a step mother of the victim. We will not share any more as it will ruin your excitement to watch it on Sunday.
Tune in Star Utsav on 22nd June at 3.30 p.m. to witness stories based upon real life stories
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