Since time immemorial women have always been concerned about their looks and because lips play an important role in determining the final appearance, taking care of them is one of the first priorities. To this effect it is imperative to have a make up kit solely dedicated to lip care and some of its mandatory constituents would be a lipstick, lip liner and a lip gloss. While the lip liner is required to set boundaries, lipstick is meant for lending color and it is the gloss which lends to final touch towards accomplishment of uncensored lips through shine and lusciousness.


Lip gloss was not always a part of the cosmetic paraphernalia and came into being only in 1930 thanks to the ingenuity of a Polish cosmetician named Maximillian Factorowitz who was in search of a solution that would enable actresses to retain their glossy lips. After much brainstorming, he came up with this rolling tube of clear and slippery substance which would not only lend a shine but keep them hydrated as well courtesy of its moisturizing content. Thus, X-Rated, the first commercially available lip-gloss was introduced in 1932 as the gateway to acquiring uncensored lips.


Some of the ingredients of a lip gloss are aloe vera, shea butter, a variety of oils, aromas and flavors and each makes a significant contribution towards the final product. While gloss is attributed to the addition of castor seed oil, oil of sunflower and grape-seed provide moisturizing properties and that of apricot prevents dehydration. Addition of shea butter ensures that the gloss is replete with different vitamins so that uncensored lips are not just about looks but good health as well. Silica is added as a thickening agent, cetyl acetate for shine and certain additives for sun protection.


Not everyone is blessed with beautiful big lips and if such women wish to sport uncensored lips in bright colors, then one of the easiest options at their disposal would be that of using a plumping lip gloss. There are two ways in which plumping is achieved namely either by an ingredient in the gloss which causes swelling or by making the lips appear fuller through the application of collagen. Cinnamon is one of the products that are commonly incorporated in lip-glosses to cause swelling and while this might plump up the lips, it is accompanied by a certain amount of stinging sensation.


Definition of uncensored lips varies as per the age group and for teenagers it usually means having a pair of lips that glitter like gold. Teenage obsession with shiny lips was grasped upon by a cosmetic firm named Lip Smackers in 1973 and it capitalized on the opportunity by releasing an entire range of glosses loaded with flavors and glitter. Lips wearing glitter glosses sparkle like diamonds and hence are perfect for a night out into town. The only word of caution with this type of lip gloss is that sometimes it might leave behind a few glitter particles which might be difficult to get rid of.


For an evening out with sweetheart wherein kissing might be in order, wearing a tasty or aromatic lip gloss might add the perfect flavor needed to get the evening going. However, an important guideline pertaining to the usage of this type of gloss is that the user must not exceed a single coating since the flavor or aroma would be strong enough to carry. Uncensored lips by themselves might look out of place in office atmosphere but when coated with a gloss of appropriate color they can easily add to the personality of the wearer without seeming to be ostentatious.

Ever since the lip gloss came into being in 1932, it has been an integral part of the lip make-up kit for all age groups. Indeed what could be a better way of acquiring uncensored lips than by coating them adequately with glitter, aroma and flavor not to mention moisturizer?