A ladder rack is a device that is used to carry long loads, such as ladders, on whichever vehicle that you might be using. It needs to be installed onto your vehicle and comprises of a sturdy and durable metal frame. This equipment is useful not just for transporting on a ladder rack but poles and piping can be secured to the roof of your vehicle as well. Ladder racks can be installed on pickup trucks, vans, utility cargo vans, mini vans and trailers. Each different make and model of vehicle requires different specifications, but all can be accommodated when you need to install this accessory.


Different versions of ladder racks are designed for different functions. They can be used in a variety of trades for numerous purposes. These can be a permanent fixture or removable and can cover the entire width of the vehicle or be mounted only on one side. Likewise, they can also be short, only covering a portion of the length of the vehicle, or they can be long enough to cover the entire length. Ladder rack can be flat and simple or they can have special grips or ties to prevent the ladder from slipping or being scratched. Thus, being versatile that they are, it is but natural for them to have so many applications. 


For pickup trucks, the options are vast. There are many different types of ladder racks that can serve a variety of different tasks. Such a ladder rack can be mounted with or without a cap, canopy or camper shell. Cap racks can either be bolted to the fiberglass of the cap or camper shell or it can be fastened to the bed of the truck and go around the cap. Box trucks can be accommodated with racks especially designed for them. Removable racks make the perfect solution for weekend getaways when a long load needs to be carried only occasionally.


Vans of all kinds can be accommodated. Full sized vans of all models allow plenty of room to install a ladder rack although the high roof of vans could pose a problem at times. Although the space is available, the roof tends to be high and can make loading of the ladder racks difficult. For this reason, the drop-down versions were developed. This allows the equipment to be lowered to a convenient height for loading and unloading and then raised into position again. Not only full sized vans can have them, mini vans and HHR vans can also be fitted with this versatile accessory.


Irrespective of the shape or size of your trailer, it can also be fitted with a ladder rack. Trailers are very versatile vehicles and there are a number of options available for adding a rack to one like attaching one to the top of the trailer. These can be simple racks involving just two or three cross bars. Ladder racks can be mounted on the side of a trailer, making the ladder much more accessible and easier to load and unload. Another option is to mount it inside the trailer and on the roof. This provides extra protection from the weather elements.


Whatever your requirements might be, there is a ladder rack that will perfectly suit your individual requirements. Is your ladder is long or is it short? Do you perhaps have two ladders of different lengths that need to be transported at the same time? Do you only need to transport long loads occasionally? Do you want to mount it on your truck, on your van or on your trailer? Where is it that you need your ladder - on the side, on the top or inside your vehicle? Rest assured, whatever your answers to these questions are, there are sufficient types of ladder racks to choose from.


While it might be easy to carry heavy loads, the same cannot be said for long loads and this is where the ladder rack comes in handy. Because ladder racks are of various types, the onus is on the buyer to identify one that is most suitable for his personal requirements and invest in it.