Umega have managed to establish themselves as one of the leading Letting agents in Edinburgh. Since their business launch, they have successfully helped hundreds of clients to locate their dream properties and get back onto the market.

As a company, Umega specializes in providing clients with the resources and attention they need to get their properties rented or bought as quickly as possible. Likewise, they work with clients to find suitable accommodations to purchase or rent. To date, UMega have quickly become one of the most trusted and reputable letting agents, and this is mostly because they only work specifically within the Edinburgh area. As such, they are able to work closely with clients to provide a custom-tailored solution that is perfect.

Umega provide a unique service to Landlords who are looking to rent their properties. From the start to the finish, Umega handle all of the process and remove the need for responsibility from the landlord. From collecting rent to finding suitable tenants, Umega are able to deliver time and time again. Likewise, Umega are also able to help tenants find a suitable home for themselves within the Edinburgh area.

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