Backlinks are the backbones of an SEO process. It talks about trust and authenticity of the site. Ultimate BookmarkR is one such software that will help to leverage the backlinks.

One cannot imagine a world without competition says the spokesperson of Ultimate BookmarkR. There is a challenge in every system and businesses' are required to gear up with the challenges. A brand cannot be reluctant and sit idle. Every second is precious as the competitors has strong eye on the business. The Brand Manager says, “In the era of digital marketing, Ultimate BookmarkR is built to contribute significantly in the field of link building. The inbound and outbound links both are important for the site to gain higher authority. Automated Social Bookmarking Tool ensures that link building takes place quickly and results are faster. “When asked to Business head about Ultimate BookmarkR, he adds,“Ultimate BookmarkR is one stop destination to get quality backlinks. The user must register to the site, verify the email and clear the captcha to login to the site. The details must be filled and once the link is approved, a single backlink will be generated. This is the manual way of getting a backlink. A user might build 5-6 backlinks in an hour. However, with the use of Ultimate BookmarkR, around 60,000 links can be built in an hour and in a single link. This makes Ultimate BookmarkR the best backlink software.”

The backlinks created by Social Bookmarking Tool will be easily indexed as per the development team. There is no hassle of registration process. The user can use the manual link building time in other productive tasks. The spokesperson says,”a lot of updates were made in the software and these are the strongest updates, using the latest version, the anchor text can be strengthened. The backlink process is simplified. The registration can be done in a single click.” The application stability will make the users' at ease. The scheduler is improved and the users' needn't monitor it. They can set and carry on with the other tasks. The mass pinging system will ensure that the links are pinged in thousands to the link that the users' want to build.

Daily reporting system will fetch the reports right at the inbox. The link building campaign can be easily monitored and necessary changes can be made. The task log system will allow the users' to find out the reasons for failure and work on it. The latest update also includes automated voting system in pligg. The integration of Fresh Postable Bookmarking Websites system has also taken place. The product manager adds that all the freezing issues and bugs are fixed to make the software more beneficial to the users.


Name: Yogesh Agarwal
Company: Agarwal InnoSoft Pvt Ltd (AiSoft LLC)
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