Have you ever heard of no win no fee solicitors? This term refers to solicitors which work in the field of personal injury and help people get compensation if they have suffered a personal injury, which is due to other reasons than personal neglect. The no win no fee law claim, instituted by the UK Government in 1998, implies that solicitors are only paid their fees if they win your case .


At a first glance, it might seem that win no fee solicitors have no benefits from arranging such services, since there are many cases which don’t have a proper basis for really getting compensation. These solicitors will analyze your personal injury case and see if there is enough proof to make it possible for you to receive compensation for your injury. If the case is won, than the no win no fee claim becomes a winning case for both. You and your solicitor will be able to get the compensations that you deserve. Thus, these solicitors will work for free if they see your case has chances of becoming a win.


However, as in any business, there are certain things you need to know before hiring no win no fee solicitors. You must pay attention when deciding on a certain no win no fee services provider. Be sure that your solicitor sticks to the no win no fee claim and doesn’t impose that you pay his fees before actually winning the lawsuit, on the pretext that they will reimburse you once the case has been won, taking the fees from the opponent. An honest and client oriented no win no fee solicitors firm will always look to give you exactly what you are expecting: professional services, transparent policies, no hidden claims etc. and general high-standard services.


Also, you should have in mind that not all compensations solicited are given 100%. It all depends on the type of accident you suffered and on the reasonability of your financial claims. The court will settle the sum you are entitled you, in case you win, so if you make an arrangement of paying you solicitor his fees before actually winning the case, you might not get your compensation back in full. Decide upon a no win no fee solicitor which is trustworthy. Check the services provided, see what other cases they have represented, the performance granted and the rate of wins achieved so far. Also, talk to you solicitor and ask details about the fees and find out who is going to pay the fees in case you don’t win the case.


The solicitors you choose should be covered in most loss cases, so be attentive to such details before signing any no win no fee contract. Choosing the right solicitor can bring you a lot of advantages: first, you don’t have to pay for their services until the court will have established your case as a winning one; second, you have high chances of receiving a full compensation, which is the reason you’re submitting your case to court. You can easily obtain your rightful compensation if you choose your solicitor carefully. Look for transparency and always check their portfolio — that will help you efficiently win your personal injury case.

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