Arunachal Pradesh the “Land of dawn” is situated in the Northeast region of India. This beautiful state not only offers dazzling cultivation of flora and fauna but is also considered to produce more than 500 rare species of Orchids. Unfortunately, due to the topography of this region and rebellious activities around it, the state has somehow lost on its overall development. In recent times, villagers along with many tribals are falling prey to opium cultivation. The crop that changed their lives and was their reason for livelihood unfortunately has also been the destroyer of many lives. Maharashtra-born Sachin Shinde presently Deputy Commissioner of Tirap district, Arunachal Pradesh has taken up a fight against this matter. This week’s episode is a special report by Alka Dhupkar focusing on this core issue, tune in to Reportaaz on Sunday, 6th January 2013 at 10.00 am and 8.30 pm only on IBN-Lokmat

A recent survey conducted by the Institute of Narcotics Studies and Analysis in Arunachal Pradesh, has disclosed the widespread cultivation of opium and its uncontrolled addiction among the people, including security personnel. Opium is often converted into heroin which makes it less bulky and is easier for many farmers to sell across the nation. It is generally consumed in the form of injections, smoke or inhaled which can have adverse affect on one’s health. In recent times, opium has become an addiction for many youngsters. Various NGOs have brought up this issue and are creating awareness amongst people. Efforts have been taken to provide a Public Health Centre, to create awareness amongst the farmers against opium cultivation and its vulnerable effect.


Sachin Shinde’s initiative to educate people by conducting rallies in the Northeast region of India, 'say no to opium and yes to life’ is a project to motivate the citizens to stop the cultivation of this drug. Governor of Arunachal Pradesh General (Retd) J.J. Singh flagged off this awareness rally in Khonsa of the Tirap District. Today the non-cultivation of opium crop is vital for a drug-free India. Alka Dhupkar explores more on this grim issue, tune in to Reportaaz on Sunday, 6th January 2013 at 10:00 am and 8:30 pm only on IBN-Lokmat