There is no “I” in Team: Udemy Instructors Lisa Jackson and Ericka Joseph Announces the Release of “Budget Coach: A Jail-Proof Guide to Money Management” to help Veterans and Law Enforcement break free from bad money habits.

Fort Lauderdale FL, August 8, 2016 —Udemy Instructor Ericka Joseph, USMC Retired and Lisa Jackson, a Broward County Deputy, know from personal experience a military and law enforcement career choice is a demanding and stressful job. The motto in each organization is “we work hard therefore we play hard.” This can look like living for the moment and also spending for the moment. Often as the years pass they find themselves not in good financial standing. This is when having a Budget Coach whom they can relate becomes a great asset.  Combined Joseph and Jackson have over 50 years of military and law enforcement experience. They understand teamwork and hitting targets. This why they have released their new class on Udemy ‘s learning platform, Budget Coach: A Jail-Proof Guide to Money Management in July 2016.

Throughout history Coaching was originally associated with physical fitness. In the last 5o years other modalities have taken the principles of coaching and applied them to their specialty.  Having an accountability partner to keep you on a specific path for a specific period of time worked in the 1900s and it still works today.

Joseph and Jackson are family members who both have a love for teaching about money. They love to read about it and talk about it. They don’t mind helping others around them.  Joseph the CEO of Plan2Win Solutions, answers budget questions on All and Jackson does budget coaching one-on-one with local clients. “Life is truly amazing when you have the finances to enjoy it.” “This class teaches small changes to implement each month over a six month time frame to facilitate change in money management,” they said.

Budget Coach: A Jail-Proof Guide to Money Management provides Veteran and Law Enforcement a flexible financial program for those who work irregular hours.  Students can contact the Instructors at any time through Udemy’s platform. They are available for interviews at: [email protected]
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