Today online entertainment radio show, UCW Radio ( announced that it will be running a weekly giveaway contest for listeners. Being called "UCW Radio Listener Appreciation", each and every week a winner will be chosen to receive one of a number of available giveaways, it may be an autographed photo of one of our guest, it may be an autographed CD or DVD from one of our guest, it may be tickets to a show or sporting event, it may even be a portable music player but one thing is certain that the giveaways will be different every week. The giveaway gift itself will be announced during each show and a tweet will go out to inform the winner.

UCW Radio is also working with various sponsors that will be participating in the giveaway event and plan on adding new sponsors as soon as possible.

The rules are pretty simple:

Every Tuesday we will feature between two and four featured guest, listeners are able to pose questions or comments for our guest by phone or via twitter.

In order to be considered for the contest two things need to be done,

1) Listeners need to follow the host Louis Velazquez on Twitter in order to Tweet questions/comments via Twitter

2) Listeners can either Tweet or call their questions or comments in for each guest, there is no limit to the number of questions that can be submitted but only a couple will be picked, one of those listener questions or comments will be chosen as the winner for that week. The featured guest will be picking the winner, so make your questions or comments good, The call in number is 323-215-1446, make sure to leave your twitter name on the message when you call so that you can be notified.

All winners will get a special mention in the UCW Radio weekly press release and on UCW Magazine along with their Twitter link and the question or comment they posed to our guest.

Note: Questions or comments can be sent around the clock, whether it be via twitter or via a phone message. Winners will only be notified via Twitter and have until the next show to contact UCW Radio to claim their prize.

The contest starts as of July 31, 2009 and will continue until further notice.



UCW Radio ( is the online entertainment radio segment of UCW Magazine ( Music Artists, Actors, Models, Pro Wrestlers, Comedians, Authors, and Athletes are featured on the show, and audience participation is encouraged.

Last segment we featured Pro Wrestler Scotty Riggs, Actress/Model Anna Easteden, Female Rocker Alexx Calise and New York Rocker Swan, we are just ramping up as we are lining up the guests for the show.

Confirmed guests include UK Singer Tara London, Pro Martial Artist/Actress Suzzana Stefankovicova, Recording Artist Lyb Stone, Martial Arts Leader and Editor of Action Martial Arts Magazine Alan Goldberg, and the list keeps growing.

To book a featured guest on UCW Radio email [email protected]

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