UAE Spa Deals, a company providing customers with access to deals on spa treatments, has launched a fanpage on Facebook. The page is intended to attract customers from the United Arab Emirates who buy Spa Deals from daily deal sites such as It also lists the latest information about the spas in the UAE which run deals on various sites online.

By launching the fanpage, the company aims to address the problem of spas being widely scattered throughout the UAE. The small businesses offering spa treatments do not run ads big enough for them to get known locally, so customers often don’t know one is close to their home or work place. In addition to access to more deals, the page provides a resource for customers and spa owners to find one another online.

The fanpage can be accessed and joined by spas and customers at no cost. It also includes content on spa and beauty treatment, with such topics as French manicures, hair removal, massages, makeovers, and more. Articles on specific spa deals in UAE and those covering important advice are also featured, so customers have a full resource to gather information from. There are also numerous posts with tips related to finding treatments or performing them at home.

In addition to finding Dubai spa deals and more, the community fanpage is open to all customers and businesses in the spa industry. The company is depending on people to “Like” the page. Enough people have to like it for the fanpage to continue running. The more who join, the more who can find Abu Dhabi spa deals and more from this valuable resource.

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