Planning a big event and running out on ideas on what to cook for dinner? Well, don’t be worried: just order a couple of packages of organic beef from an online certified retailer and the problem is solved! 100% bio, grass fed beef comes from cattle fed only with grassland that has not been treated with any chemicals, which makes it not only very healthy but also very tasty! Browse the list of packages available and make your order today! The party can start!

Eating organic beef should not be an impossible mission. And, luckily, there are many ranches and farms ready to offer their clients the finest grass fed beef at incredible prices! Their proposal is difficult to refuse: no grains, no hormones, no chemicals…consequently, 100% bio! It’s definitely the best Black Angus beef you will ever try! And the most tender one!

That is why, when and if you have the possibility to encourage other people to eat healthy, you should definitely order organic beef and not the regular beef you find in any supermarket! So, next time you are planning a big party, don’t order anything but the finest Black Angus grass fed beef! It will literally take you only a couple of clicks!

On the other hand, the good news is that certified ranches offer their clients a diversified offer of packages. Let’s take some examples, shall we? If you are planning a big barbecue in your back yard or at the mountain lodge, then the grillin family deluxe package with 26 cuts is just perfect and it will cost you only $305. The winter seasonal package containing 21 cuts costs only $245.

For a more refined menu based on grass fed beef you could go for the latest in Paleo special package: 14 cuts of the finest organic beef for only $225. The Paleo slow cooker with the same quantity of cuts, 14, is available for only $265. Another popular type of organic beef package is the Paleo offal, steak spring which contains 10 cuts and has a price of $135.

Of course, if you want to diversify the menu you can always combine some of the smaller packages with other interesting recipes. For example, you could include in the menu the Paleo resolution bundle pack containing 4 cuts and available for only $100 and to prepare on a side some Paleo burgers with the finest grounded beef.

The truth is that Black Angus grass fed beef is by definition the most quality beef you could wish on your plate! It’s tender, it’s tasty and is 100% organic. Not to mention that practically books alone! All you have to do is set the table and maybe prepare some garnish on a side….lunch is served! And is a spectacular lunch, for sure: as long as you serve grass finished beef, you cannot go wrong with anybody!

For browsing the complete list of organic beef packages available, please visit the grass fed beef . Further reference on the type of products available, ordering terms and conditions or the history of the ranch can be found at the following organic beef .