China - At the beginning of this month, sales volume of two oil paintings from wholesale oil paintings Refine Gallery has very great enhancing. This is not a strange and fresh thing for Refine Gallery as they of the meet with this situation. Sometimes, some of their oil painting reproductions are very popular and sale volumes of them could greatly beyond their image. However, this situation will also be very worst. No matter what kind of situations, today, the lovely editor from this world class oil painting reproductions supplier wrote this article to tell each people the detailed information about the idea and background of these two oil paintings.

The first one is the oil painting wholesale of the famous masterpiece Starry Night which is the representative of Van Gogh. As the saying of editor from Refine Gallery, this oil painting is now deserved by Museum of Modern Art in New York. The symbolic meaning should be the main feature of this oil painting. The painter used short strokes to form the agitation rotating universe. In this painting, people could find eleven stars are gathering around the moon and the cypress like a torn and burning Gothic church.

The stars and the moon implied relationship between the apostles of Jesus. Some people also thought that the meaning of this picture stand for the final judgment of the solar system. All stars and planets in the universe are spinning and breaking of in the Last Judgment. In fact, this is an illusion of Van Gogh.

The second one should be the oil painting reproduction of world well-known The Gleaners. This painting is the masterpiece of famous painter Jean-Francois Millet of France. By the viewing of this oil painting, people could find that it describe the rural working life with the real and intimate beauty. In autumn, golden yellow field could be seemed endless. After wheat harvest, there are three peasant women who bent down to pick up the lost wheat very carefully. The lost wheat should be supplement to the family¡¯s food. The hill liked wheat stalks behind them has nothing to do with them . Miller expressed deep sympathy for the hard life of these farmers.

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