Did you know that there are many types of dog car cages you can find?  Not only are these found in many different styles but also different sizes and colors. They are also made of different materials, allowing you to choose a cage based on the amount of money you wish to spend. However, any dog owner who has owned a dog crate will ask you to focus less on the price.

There is a lot of information you need to discover prior to purchasing any dog cabin for your puppy or adult canine. However, we will discuss just the types you need to concentrate on when you start searching. These include plastic, wire, wooden or rattan and soft-sided cabins. Wire dog cabins are the most popularly bought types of dog housing. The most basic type of wire cabin has only one door but there are modern crates with multiple doors to enhance access.

What makes wire crates more advantageous is the ease of cleaning as they offer a slide out tray. Offering plenty of spaces too, metal cages allow air to circulate freely and the dog to catch the views of its surroundings.  As well, metal cages allow the dog owner to check on the dog from a distance and this adds to their level of convenience. When it comes to ease of use and storage, some wire cabins fold flat and this makes them more portable.

On the other hand, wire dog car cages can make some pets unruly and noisy each time they look around and wish they could get outside their cage. If this becomes a big deal you could cover the cage. In colder climates wire pens can be so cold and uncomfortable and are naturally heavier than other cages. When the pet turns around inside a wire cage, the noise can be a bit annoying and if you aren’t careful an intelligent dog can flee itself.  Plastic dog crates are rather common too and these are designed mainly for travel. This sort of carrier is lightweight and portable than any wire cage you can find.

The bottom of this cage makes a perfect pet bed when you are no longer on the go and it can indeed be great in colder climates. As it leaves only tiny spaces, this plastic cage is ideal for whining dogs that miss their freedom when they see their surroundings. If you want more comfort, aim at buying a model that has removable water and food dishes. It is harder for intelligent dogs to find their way out of a plastic carrier though.

But there are some disadvantages to expect from this item. First, the plastic enclosure can be too stressful for dogs that want to see their surroundings while on the move. As it offers fewer gaps, this cage is harder to clean and keep from stinking. In addition, plastic carriers do not fold flat like wire cages do, occupying a larger storage space than wire dog cabins.  Reduced ventilation spaces could also make the dog hot and uncomfortable if the area you are visiting is hot.

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