A new service from Tweets Luv allows online businesses and individuals to gain more Twitter followers. Twitter has become one of the most popular social media platforms and having more follows carries financial benefits.

The new service from Tweets Luv makes getting followers on Twitter easy with four distinctive packages.

- Fitting In: 10,000 Followers
- Standing Out: 20,000 Followers
- Popular: 30,000 Followers
- Celebrity: 40,000 Followers

Each of these packages promises to be delivered in 3 to 7 days depending on the package and comes with a 3 month replacement guarantee. There are definite marketing advantages in purchasing Twitter followers for an online business to sell products or services. Also, those wanting to build a personal following for celebrity purposes can benefit from purchasing Twitter followers.

The marketing advantage of purchasing followers for a Twitter account is founded on the principle that people are more likely to follow a Twitter account when there are already many followers present. This “Catch-22” situation can be resolved by purchasing Twitter followers to start up an account. Tweets Luv offers four packages that can be tailored for the needs of the particular online business or individual. Purchasing Twitter followers helps grow the reputation and influence of the Twitter account owner. This can benefit either a business or individual looking to increase their reputation.

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