&TV’s Gangaa to be made into a short film


Set in the heartlands of India, &TV’s social drama Gangaa has been pioneer in showcasing the story about a girl’s indomitable spirit and her will to survive. From the banks of Ganges to the narrow winding lanes of Varanasi, the picturesque story of Gangaa which has charmed one and all will now be captured in a short film to be aired this Saturday, July 2nd on &TV.

Gangaa - ‘Chota Parda Badi Movie’ is a 2-hour short film which will encompass Gangaa’s journey. From challenging the social norms to standing up for herself, Gangaa has chronicled her own path. The story begins with the sensitive issue of child marriage, widowhood and rigid customs being followed even to this day in modern India, where it is believed that widows must lead a life of self-denial. Gangaa, a child, becomes a child widow and is banished to live in a broken-down widows' home. She will be seen as a threat to age old customs of the society. Apart from her struggle, the story will also show how she has embraced adulthood and is in love and is about to get married which definitely makes for an endearing and poignant story which will be encapsulated in the short film.

When we asked Aditi Sharma who plays the titular character on the show she said, “Gangaa is close to my heart as it’s my first ever television show and also because the concept of the show is strikingly different. Also, Ruhana Khanna who played the Choti Ganga had created an impact in the minds of the audiences and I felt a huge responsibility bestowed upon me when I had to step into her shoes post the leap. Gangaa showcases the untold truth and I am really excited that the channel has decided to make a short film on it.”

Produced by Sphere Origins, ‘Chota Pardha Badi Movie’ — Gangaa is co-sponsored by Jolly Rancher and Fogg Scent. The movie is a must-watch as it encapsulates the journey of Gangaa (350 episodes) till now in a 2 hour movie.

Don’t forget to watch Gangaa - ‘Chota Pardha Badi Movie’, July 2nd, Saturday, 6:30 - 8:30 pm only on &TV