&TV’s Gangaa all set to take a leap!

~ Gangaa the story of a child widow with an indomitable spirit will see actors Aditi Sharma and Vishal Vashisht in the lead as Ganga and Sagar ~

Gangaa airs every Mon-Fri at 8:30 pm only on &TV ~


Mumbai, December 7, 2015: She is innocent with a zest for life… We are talking about Television’s favorite young girl Gangaa. &TV’s popular show Gangaa, an inspiring story of a child widow characterized with an indomitable spirit and will to survive, is all set to take a leap. Badi Ho Gayi Hai Gangaa…Magar Chota Nahi Hai HauslaCarrying the baton forward from child actor Ruhaana Khanna is Bollywood actress Aditi Sharma as the grown up Ganga and Vishal Vashistha as her friendSagarStarting Monday December 14th, at 8:30 pmdon’t miss a new chapter that will unfold in Ganga’s life on &TV.


Produced by Sphereorigin, the story that started with Niranjan Babu essayed by the popular actor Hiten Tejwani, sheltering a widowed orphan girl in his own house against the will of his own mother, a widow, and a staunch believer in rituals has captivated the audiences across the country. Its strong plotline and true to life portrayal of the age-old customs and traditions followed in the society narrated through the lens of a free spirited child widow Gangaa made it a poignant narrative and one of the most talked about shows in the space.


Says actress Aditi Sharma who will be seen as the grown up Gangaa“This is wonderful opportunity that has come my way and feels special to be the only choice to portray such a powerful character of Gangaa. I like the message the show conveys and as a grown up, too, you will see Ganga just as zesty and strong … just the kind of role any actress would want to play.”  Talking about shooting in Varanasi, she further adds, “We have shot at real locations in Varanasi amidst a huge crowd and the experience has just been surreal. Ganga Ghats are considered as one of the holiest places and I haven’t felt so much positivity and divinity in a long time!”


Says actor Vishal Vashisht who will be seen as the grown up Sagar“Gangaa is a very inspiring story and I am happy to be a part of a show with so much integrity. Sagar has been a strong pillar of support to Gangaa and integral to the story forward. I’m happy to be playing such an important role and living the life of Sagar. Shooting on the banks of the river Ganga has been an amazing experience and the chemistry that both Aditi and I share will hopefully appreciated by the audience.”


As a new chapter begins in Gangaa, what doesn't change is the great storyline that is set against the backdrop of the quaint ghats of Varanasi. The new faces will mesmerize the audiences just as much taking on new challenges and living with new aspirations! Gangaa is growing up and so is her courage, she will be seen caught between opposing ideologies and paving her own way.


The show boasts of an ensemble cast that includes names like Sushmita Mukherjee (Kanta Dadi), Hiten Tejwani (Niranjan Babu), Rakhi Vijan (Prabha Mami), Gungun Uprari (Madhavi) amongst others.


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