SpinstersEmporium.com was set up to help lovely people achieve their creative endevours, by sourcing and supplying the very best in specialist and vintage, fabrics, yarns and haberdashery, you will find no run of the mill here!

The website has been established for you to fully indulge all of your creative needs and addictions, but now its time to make it even easier and more inspiring to both craft enthusiasts and virgins alike.

The Spinsters Emporium gift and product line are little bags of inspiration! Packed with a wide selection of necessary beautiful treats for you to make, mend, sew, stick and knit to your hearts content.

Bags of inspiration

Material girl: Vintage fabric samples, squares and oddments. Delectable fabrics, handpicked for their unique and distinctive design.

Button it: Vintage buttons & embellishments. Adding perfect little details to your personal creations.

Spin us a yarn: Vintage knitting needles & fancy yarns. Specially selected scrummy threads for you get knitty with it.

Cut and paste: Vintage wallpaper samples, the world is a canvas, so why not cover it in pretty papers?

Lots of lovely stuff: A mixed selection of the best goodies, fabrics, trimmings and embellishments to get your creative juices flowing.

Please note:

Items will be available to purchase at all wonderful and cool craft shops and boutiques across the UK, and of course online at www.spinstersemporium.com with free p&p from August 09

Ideas, projects and examples on what can be achieved with these materials will be available on www.spinstersemporium.com/feelingcreative from September 2009.