Orlando, FL— April 11, 2016 — Turmeric has long been used as a kitchen ingredient and medicine to fight a range of conditions. This spice doesn’t just add color and flavor to dishes and beverages, but also offers various health benefits. Breastfeeding women may also consider how useful the spice is in increasing their milk supply.

Turmeric is believed to be one of the best herbs that naturally improves lactation. Today, more and more mothers are turning to lactation alternatives to GMO baby formulas. Fortunately, this spice is also thought to be beneficial for nursing mothers.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are ingredients that are abundantly found in many of the commercially-available food and beverages nowadays. Constant and long-term exposure of these ingredients is believed to be detrimental to health.

Over the years, healthcare providers have recommended breastfeeding. It is not just a natural and healthy way to feed babies, but it also reduces the need for GMO baby formulas. Babies exposed to harmful GMOs could be at high risk of developing certain conditions.

According to the study published in the Journal of Pediatrics, breastfeeding could enhance an infant’s developmental health and intellect. There are ways to improve milk supply and one is to reduce stress levels. Nursing mothers should also reduce their consumption of caffeine and alcohol.

There are herbs and spices thought to help increase milk supply. These natural and therapeutic ingredients include fenugreek, milk thistle, shatavari, Indonesian Torbangun, and ginger. Turmeric is one of the best natural remedies believed to help women breastfeed longer and painlessly.

While many mothers want to breastfeed, there are circumstances that hinder them from doing it every day. Breastfeeding can get extremely difficult and painful when the mammary glands are clogged and the breasts are swollen. These conditions almost always force mothers to cut their breastfeeding time.

Turmeric is believed to have the ability to reduce inflammation in the breast of lactating mothers. Using this ancient, medicinal spice could potentially help them breastfeed for a longer duration. The anti-inflammatory properties of the spice is thought to contribute to the healing effects it offer.

Turmeric contains a phytochemical called curcumin, which contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties. Curcumin is thought to offer a myriad of health benefits and has the ability to combat a range of medical conditions.

Nursing mothers can incorporate turmeric powder in their diet by adding it on their dishes or beverages. There are also curcumin supplements available that are thought to contain high concentrations of anti-inflammatory properties and other therapeutic ingredients (http://www.amazon.com/Turmeric-Curcumin-Complex-BioPerine-Bio-availability/dp/B00JA4TLTI).
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