Weightlifters and powerlifters often use Turinabol for two main reasons: firstly, Turinabol can improve power rates without significant gain in weight, which is very important for athletes who want to stay in a certain weight class, secondly, Turinabol helps to pass a drug test on a more or less serious competitions. Used in power sports disciplines Turinabol in combination with various steroids, but often combined with the test, and the daily dosage of security forces may be called modest, but even the daily rate in the 50-70mg of the drug gives a good result. Athletes are always known to be a recreation center for the upcoming competitions. If the drug test is unavoidable, Turinabol canceled about 50 days before the start (at last count chlordehydromethyltestosterone metabolites leave the body after 1.5-2 months after starting treatment.)

Despite the fact that Turinabol very popular sport in the iron, the bulk of who use Turinabol remain athletes. It is in this new athletics anabolic was first tested, that athletes are accumulating the initial experience of Turinabol, and only later took advantage of this knowledge by representatives of other sporting disciplines. Much love chlordehydromethyltestosterone enjoys sprinters because under the influence of this steroid is not only improved speed performance and endurance, but also the so-called explosive power. In short, Turinabol - is a universal drug and its univerality is best observed in the planning and implementation in practice specific pharm courses ...

Before proceeding to the listing and description of the various options for taking Turinabol course, it is worth mentioning that this drug is quite "short", so the daily dose of Turinabol is generally divided into several equal portions and take two or three times a day. Average daily dosage - from 40mg to 70mg, although in some cases, the daily "norm" can transship far over a hundred. Better to take the pills in half an hour after eating, drinking plenty of water. The duration of intake should not exceed ten weeks since after this period, the body stops responding to the active substance increasing strength and muscle mass, ie comes the addictive drug.

1. The course for the "pioneers." 6 weeks of treatment at 40 mg per day. This unpretentious Turinabol regimen for many years, used for beginners in our common pharmacological practice. This is ideal for an introduction to farm. Immediately after this first course, six weeks after a rest, you can do a second course on the same preparation, but with high doses and that way for eight weeks. The result will be satisfied!

2. Option for the impatient youngmen. Turinabol at 50mg per day + 50mg-100mg of testosterone propionate every other day. Followed for 6 to 8 weeks. This combination can also be used as a first course. This version is much more powerful and effective than the simple rate Turinabol solo.

3. Purely anabolic androgen course for haters. Course duration - 10 weeks. The first 8 weeks, deca 200mg - 400mg per week + Turinabol 60mg daily. The last two weeks of the course - stanozolol 40mg a day. This option is suited to athletes who are afraid of potential side effects of testosterone, but they do the most tender feelings for progestin.

4. Course for experienced steroid users. Dates of the course - 12 weeks. The first 9 weeks: boldenone 1000mg per week + 750mg of testosterone enanthate per week + Turinabol 60mg daily. The last three weeks of the course: propionate 200mg a day + stanozolol 60mg a day. Mass gaining good option to "output" on short preparations.

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