Tummy tuck and buttock lift are elective cosmetic surgery procedures for a lower body lift. Whereas a tummy tuck removes excess skin and fat from abdomen to make it smooth and taut, a butt lift adds more volume to the rear thus giving a perfect curve to the lower body.

The ideal candidates for lower body lift are those who have flabby overhanging tummy, lose abdominal skin or stretch marks owing to pregnancy and aging. For butt lift, the surgery is considered by those who lack fullness or volume in the buttocks. The candidates for the two procedures should be above 18, are physically and mentally healthy and have realistic expectations from the surgery.

The incisions for a lower body lift are made circumferentially around the waist. Performed under general anaesthesia, the tummy tuck surgery takes about 3 — 4 hours. A tummy tuck surgery entails making a horizontal incision across lower abdomen, muscles and skin separated and the fat is removed by liposuction. The incisions are closed with sutures and drains placed so as to remove fluid accumulation.

Buttock lift is performed either with implants or by using body’s own fat. Butt lift if done with buttock implants, is done under general anaesthesia. An incision of about 2 — 3 inches is made along the crease of the buttock and implants are placed. However, if buttock lift is done by using body’s own fat, also called autologous fat, also called Brazilian Butt lift, there are less chances of any rejection or complication 

The incisions of body lift procedures are closed with dissolvable sutures and drains are placed so as to remove accumulation of fluids. Post surgery, a compression garment is worn for over 4 weeks or so in order to reduce swelling and to give youthful body contours. The drains and tapes are removed one week after the surgery.   

With lower body lift procedures, one is expected to recover between one to two weeks. After the surgery, the client is advised to walk the day after the surgery so as to prevent any blood clots or formation of varicose veins. One can resume light exercises after one week and vigorous exercises after six weeks. The bruising and swelling after the surgery usually go away in the first few weeks. Initially the incisions are noticeable immediately after the surgery but they fade away within a year after the surgery.

Tummy tuck with buttock augmentation are one of the popular mommy makeover combined procedures. The cosmetic surgery procedure although are very popular in the west but getting cosmetic procedures done in western countries is quite expensive. There has been a significant rise in the trend of undergoing plastic surgery abroad.

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